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​Donations Needed for Legal Counsel to Protect Against Harm of DRO Lawsuit

Disability Rights Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio which seeks to impose substantial changes to Ohio’s system for caring for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The lawsuit attacks the disability care model involving ICFs, sheltered workshops and facility-based day programs and asserts that “virtually any person institutionalized or at serious [risk of] institutionalization in a large ICF can be served safely and successfully in an integrated, home and community-based setting."

Disability Advocacy Alliance​ fully supports the full continuum of care for individuals with I/DD, including community settings. However, parents and guardians know that there is a diverse range of disabilities and not everyone can handle or benefit from community settings.  We believe that the clear intent of the current lawsuit is to take away substantial funding from ICFs, sheltered workshops and facility-based day programs and to shift that funding to programs in community-based settings. 

We are raising funds for legal counsel to participate in the lawsuit to ensure that the interests of individuals in Ohio who depend upon higher levels of care are brought before the court. 

Letter to Guardians explaining why we must seek counsel to protect our loved ones.  ClickHERE

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Protect Fragile Ohioans from DRO's Lawsuit

Join Our Letter Campaign to Governor Kasich

On March 31st, DIsability Rights Ohio (DRO) filed a class action lawsuit against the State of Ohio attacking Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), sheltered workshops and facility-based day programs.  DRO's suit seeks a judicial order which 

would substantially direct state resources away from these services to "community settings".

Help us fight DRO's wrongheaded suit by sending a letter to Governor Kasich and Attorney General Mike DeWine requesting separate and independent legal representation for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities harmed by DRO's litigation.

Letter for Parents and Guardians. Please click HERE.

Letter for Family Members, Friends and Caregivers.   Please click HERE.

As Ohio's protection and advocacy agency, Disability Rights Ohio is charged to represent all individuals with disabilities, regardless of the severity or degree of disability.  In its suit, DRO claims to represent tens of thousands of individuals who access Ohio's DODD service system.  Individuals who rely on higher levels of care, however, find themselves marginalized by DRO's lawsuit and left devoid of legal representation in a case that directly affects their health and welfare.  Clearly, DRO suffers a conflict of interest within the class it seeks to represent.

DAA has sent a letter to Governor Kasich and Attorney General Mike DeWine requesting separate and independent legal representation for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities whose interests and well-being are jeopardized in this litigation.  Please read DAA's letter 
HERE.  We believe such representation is the only way to ensure that the interests and acute needs of these individuals can be properly brought before the court.  

We urge other concerned Ohioans to join us in our request to Governor Kasich.  Please click the  appropriate link above to send a ready-to-send, electronic letter to Governor Kasich, Mike DeWine and other state officials.

Send a Letter to the Editor

Others need to understand why DRO's lawsuit is so harmful to individuals who require and choose higher levels of care such as Intermediate Care Facility homes, sheltered workshops and facility-based day programs.  These specialized settings gives individuals with more intensive needs the supports necessary for them to fulfill their individual potentials.  

Parents, guardians and family members can explain best why these settings are so important as they understand the needs of their loved one best and love them the most.  

We have provided contact information for newspapers throughout the state of Ohio.  Please find your local newspaper and send a letter to the editor today.  (Please note that papers which provide an email address for submission, typically require emailed letters to be written within the body of the email itself.  Many newspapers do not accept letters which are submitted as attachments to emails.)

  • A list of many Ohio daily newspapers with an email link to their letters to the editor submission page  

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  • A list of all newspapers in the state, both daily and weekly publications.  Please note this list does not include instructions for sending a letter to the editor.  Call the newspaper or go to their website to learn how to submit a letter. Click HERE