Protecting the Rights of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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​Donations Needed for Legal Counsel to Protect Against Harm of DRO Lawsuit

Disability Rights Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio which seeks to impose substantial changes to Ohio’s system for caring for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The lawsuit attacks the disability care model involving ICFs, sheltered workshops and facility-based day programs and asserts that “virtually any person institutionalized or at serious [risk of] institutionalization in a large ICF can be served safely and successfully in an integrated, home and community-based setting."

Disability Advocacy Alliance​ fully supports the full continuum of care for individuals with I/DD, including community settings. However, parents and guardians know that there is a diverse range of disabilities and not everyone can handle or benefit from community settings.  We believe that the clear intent of the current lawsuit is to take away substantial funding from ICFs, sheltered workshops and facility-based day programs and to shift that funding to programs in community-based settings. 

We are raising funds for legal counsel to participate in the lawsuit to ensure that the interests of individuals in Ohio who depend upon higher levels of care are brought before the court. 

Letter to Guardians explaining why we must seek counsel to protect our loved ones.  ClickHERE

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Let Ohioans know why a continuum of care, including community settings, ICFs, sheltered workshops and day programs are important to address the diversity of need in the Developmental Disabilities Service System.

Parents, guardians and family members are in the best position to educate others about the needs and choices of their family members with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

We have provided contact information for newspapers throughout the state of Ohio.  Please find your local newspaper and send a letter to the editor today.  (Please note that many papers require letters sent via email to be written within the body of the email itself – meaning they do not accept letters which are submitted as attachments to emails.)

  • A list of many Ohio daily newspapers with an email link to their letters to the editor submission page  

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  • A list of all newspapers in the state, both daily and weekly publications.  Please note this list does not include instructions for sending a letter to the editor.  Call the newspaper or go to their website to learn how to submit a letter. Click HERE